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Jonathan Alexander Abt

Orthodontics Specialist

Registered Specialist in Orthodontics based in London


Dental Health

Some of the topics

This blog will cover a variety of topics, exploring Jonathan Alexander Abt’s personal and professional interests including:


Braces & Orthodontics


Importance of Dental Floss


Tips for Healthy Teeth

Career History

Jonathan Alexander Abt has worked and studied abroad, including in Israel and the United States. Abt graduated from the Royal London Hospital in 1985 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.


Dental Health

Dental Health Issues

This blog will contain news, articles and information about a range of dental health issues, including an exploration into braces and orthodontics, which is Jonathan Alexander Abt’s specialism. This blog will take a broad look at the practice of orthodontics, as well as the history of the medical field. Jonathan Alexander Abt’s blog will also look at more specific dental health issues, such as the importance of using dental floss, malocclusion of the teeth, how to keep your teeth clean, the best ways to look after your baby’s teeth, as well as a host of other lifestyle tips for healthy teeth.

Jonathan Alexander Abt has had his studies published in medical journals, and so the blog will explore several of the themes and topics that he has covered in these published papers. Previously published articles include pieces on apparent hypodontia, resin-modified glass ionomer and the ‘curve of spee to skeletal patterns’.


In addition to the blog posts about braces, orthodontics and dental health, this blog will also explore Jonathan Alexander Abt’s personal interests and hobbies. Jonathan Alexander Abt’s recent trip to Moscow in 2018 will be covered on the blog, sharing tips and local treasures from the Russian city, including Moscow’s Red Square and the Kremlin, as well as a host of the city’s other best bits.


Jonathan Alexander Abt has a great interest in weight training, which is one of his favourite hobbies. As such, this blog will take a look at topics that are related to weight training, such as tips and tricks that will improve any weight-training regime. This blog will share a beginner’s guide to weight training, as well as a number of more advanced blog posts that explore how often weight lifters should train for optimal results.