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Teeth play an important role in daily life, so keeping them healthy and strong is essential to ensure good oral health. While regular brushing and dental check-ups are important habits to cultivate, oral wellness is more than just keeping cavities at bay. Research suggests a correlation between dental and overall health; taking care of teeth and gums can positively impact a person’s life.  

typical dental issue faced by both adults and children is teeth misalignment. Straightening such teeth requires early attention so that the corrective actions taken can last longer. While dental braces are often prescribed during childhood, adults can also benefit from them.  

Jonathan Alexander Abt – a registered specialist in orthodontics – knows that with the right type of braces, the benefits transcend a perfect smile. 

Orthodontic Treatment 

According to the British Orthodontics Society (BOS), the best time to begin orthodontic treatment is between 10 and 14 years. The treatment is necessary for young patients, as many in this age group find it hard to smile or laugh because of their teeth. By treating misalignment early, the BOS has seen that people with minor or no dental problems tend to have better quality of life 

The process involves a full examination of the teeth, which is aided by X-rays. Diagnosis also requires making plaster models of the teeth, after which the orthodontic specialist will discuss the available options. Treatment can only begin after the patient is confirmed to have enough permanent teeth. Some permanent teeth may have to be taken out to make space for the process, but this can also be accomplished through other forms of treatment. 

A patient who starts orthodontics treatment will have to see their specialist regularly until the process is completed. Taking care of the teeth and braces is crucial, as neglecting dental hygiene with braces can lead to severe teeth damage. This means taking extra care with brushing, which has to be thorough, frequent and done using fluoride toothpaste. Interdental brushes are available to help deal with plaque between the teeth, while chewing a disclosing tablet after brushing can highlight the areas that need extra attention. 

At the end of treatment, patients can look forward to a straighter and improved smile, which can do a lot to boost self-confidence. Having properly aligned teeth also makes it easier to clean them, and the entire process raises an individual’s awareness of regular dental hygiene.